How to Lose Weight Fast 10 Simple Tips (Based on Science)


10 habits that can lose your weight fast. Losing a weight fast is the big problem that women faces mostly. According to certified dieting Cafiline, she said that breaking bad eating habits and replacing them with good ones is the key to effective weight loss.

And if you take on and overall healthy lifestyle , the benifits only be multiplyed. Besides sharing with you these tips you should have a stronger body and happier spirit.

So, what you should and should not do if you wanna lose that extra weight for good.

1. Avoid Fat Free Products

A study published in the General association for consumer research showed that people who consumed products that are available fat free found them less feeling and entertain them more.

You see in order to replace fat these foods are filled with low performing carbs that they digest so fast that the feeling of hunger quickly comes back. This means in a order to fill your stomach resulting weight gain.

2. Get 6 to 8 Hours of Sleep a Day

Research and the Medical centers have found that you sleep 5 and few a hours a night put on over 2 times more belly fat than than those who get an average of 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. This is special for people which are under 40.

Not sleeping is as much you should, makes you feel hungry. Even you are not but it damages your natural internal body process.

3. Don't Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

If you're like me. You reach for the coffee part first thing in the morning no breakfast, no shower, no talking, only Coffee. Well ! Looks like doing some real damage to your body by drinking coffee with nothing in your stomach.

Doctor medical Science from UK, one of his article he explains that when coffee enters to an empty stomach it helps to produce acid, damage your stomach line and causing stomach digestion. Plus coffee stresses your body out and causing into store fats.

4. Don't watch T.V or Listen to Music while Eating

Researcher at the University of Mart found that over weight people who reduce their time by 50% burn in an average of one hundred and 19 more calories today.

Another study published on the General food quality showed that people who eat while listening the music they consume significantly the larger amount those who eat in silence. This is because the mind is too preoccupied with surrounded the straction that doesn't realize you eat enough.

5. Don't go to the Grocery Store While Hungry

Oh Yeah ! You know what I'm talking about.You go to Grocery shop with an empty stomach. And end up everything in your card. So, you can probably guess what that solution is ? Zylmin recommend eating something small and healthy before heading to the grocery shop.

Another way is sit down and plan your meals for a week. This way you will know what's that product you need to hunt for.

6. Cut Way Down On Soda

A regular soda contains 140 calories and 39 Grams sugar. That mean if you drink one cane a day, you will start putting your weight.

A new study from the Harved Public School Health and Mexico National Institute of public Health found that women who reduce their soda in take to just one cane a week can lost one pound more than those who didn't cut back on a sugary bubble stuff.

This study lasted from 2006 to 2008 and 11,218 women took part in research by the end of this period, the over weight participent lost their weight just giving up a sugary soda.

7. Cut out after Dinner Treats

A lot of people tend to eat right after the dinner. And this we see in the form of sweet. Zylmin suggest starting a new habbit of having a cup of tea or drinking some sparkling more water instead of reaching a sugary snacks.

Generally, you need should anything right after the meal because your body gets all sugar at need right from your body. So, treat your self in right.

8. Don't Drink Bottoled Water

This one probebly comes to shock you. Researcher at Washington State University found that drinking water from Plactic bottle can actually be produce fat.

Yup ! You heared right. Plactic Bottles contains BPA.

Which is a chemical that causes Fat. It disrupts your harmon, studies proved that BPA reduces insulin sensitivity. And produces fat cells.There are 92% BPA in your Blood.

9. Limit your Eating to Certain Time Slots

In a 2013 study, eating a food at time pridicts a weight loss. Researchers found that people who eat late between 3 to 4:PM lose less weight then those who had their lunch by 1:30 PM.

A difference study showed that no matter how many meals you have a day. If you eat last one before 8:PM you are still consuming calories few of all.

10. Make a Habit of Starting with a Light Salad

The Journal of the American diet, published of the result. Those who started with the white salad can consume 7 to 12% less of their pasta. While the participants who had a heavy of the salad actually can consume 8 to 17% more of their second meal.

This proved that salad is good for normal health. Actually help you to eat less because they fill you up more



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